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Understanding the Digital Landscape of Johor Bahru (JB)

Grasping how JB residents navigate the online realm is vital for effective SEO strategies. Here’s an overview of JB’s search behaviours:

Local Search Trends in Johor Bahru

Local Search Patterns

JB’s residents and businesses demonstrate unique search tendencies. They often incorporate location-specific phrases in their searches, such as “Johor Bahru cafe” “Johor Bahru homestay” or “Johor Bahru mall.” We delve into local search patterns to uncover keywords and phrases that resonate with JB’s audience, ensuring your website is finely optimised for maximum visibility.

Competitor Insights

We conduct comprehensive competitor analysis to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This information empowers us to craft strategies that surpass the competition and establish your presence as a frontrunner.

Competitor Analysis
Seasonal Trend

Adapting to Seasonal Trends

JB residents exhibit search behaviours that can shift with the seasons and local events. We closely monitor these seasonal trends and tailor your SEO strategy accordingly. Whether it involves promoting JB-specific events or aligning with holiday search trends, we ensure your website remains relevant throughout the year.

Integration with Social Media

Social media is powerful in JB’s online landscape. We seamlessly integrate your SEO strategy with social media campaigns, utilising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to amplify your online presence within JB.

SocialMedia integration

Engage Customers in Johor Bahru With Local SEO

Are you aware that visitors are more likely to visit websites that rank well on page 1 of Google search engine result pages? 75 percent of people never get to page two. 

On their own, small business owners may find it difficult to stand out in the online crowd. Therefore, local SEO tactics are a valuable means of connecting with potential customers who live close by and are ready to visit your JB-based business and make a purchase.

You may interact with Penang's workers and citizens by using local SEO, guaranteeing that important clients are reached. At Newnormz, we specialise in developing unique local SEO strategies for Malaysia's SMEs. 

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Engage Customers in Johor Bahru With Local SEO

Are you aware that visitors are more likely to visit websites that rank well on page 1 of Google search engine result pages? 75 percent of people never get to page two. 

On their own, small business owners may find it difficult to stand out in the online crowd. Therefore, local SEO tactics are a valuable means of connecting with potential customers who live close by and are ready to visit your JB-based business and make a purchase.

You may interact with Penang’s workers and citizens by using local SEO, guaranteeing that important clients are reached. At Newnormz, we specialise in developing unique local SEO strategies for Malaysia’s SMEs. 

Select Newnormz for Your Local SEO Exposure in Johor

The following are some reasons to think about using Newnormz agency to manage your Johor local SEO optimisation:

Strategic Approach

Our SEO professionals know the unique qualities of the JB market. We develop a tailored strategy for maximum impact that speaks to your target audience.

Proven Results

Our clients realize notable gains in their website rankings and online visibility. Let our accomplishments speak for themselves.

Competitive Edge

With Newnormz on your side, you'll effortlessly exceed the competitors in the online arena. Take charge of search engine results pages and observe the growth of your customers.

Tailored Solutions

We think that customised solutions are the best. Since every Johor Bahru business differs, we tailor our strategies to your needs and objectives.

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How to Select the Ideal SEO Company in Johor Bahru

Selecting the ideal SEO agency is a crucial step for your business success. A high-quality SEO agency acts as a valuable partner in growing your business. However, not all agencies are the same.

It’s essential to align yourself with a digital marketing agency in Johor Bahru that understands and shares your business goals.

The Long-Term Gains from Collaborating with a JB SEO Firm

A successful digital marketing strategy begins with SEO and requires ongoing effort. While immediate results may not be apparent, persistence leads to guaranteed outcomes over time.

Our Newnormz team is dedicated to providing top-tier SEO services in Johor Bahru, elevating our partners’ businesses to new heights fast.

Personalised audits and enhancements are conducted to ensure your website’s structure, content relevance, effectiveness, and credibility, all aimed at producing tangible and lasting results.

Our proven SEO strategies ensure improved ROI for any business in the digital landscape. Collaborate with Newnormz today, the trusted agency for SEO in JB.

How We Approach SEO for Sustainable Results

Upon understanding your brand’s objectives, our SEO team embarks on a holistic SEO optimisation journey for your Johor Bahru market:

Keyword Research and Mapping

At Newnormz, we use low-competitiveness yet promising long-tail keywords in our campaigns. We help our SEO clients in JB increase their website traffic and growth potential by identifying accurate user search intent and selecting the appropriate target keywords.

Website Structure

An organised and noise-free website architecture allows Google to find and explore your content. To ensure efficient crawling and indexing, we suggest clients only add URLs that deserve crawling in the sitemap. We also ensure your web pages are optimised for mobile devices to adhere to mobile-first indexing best practices.

On-Site Optimisation

Our on-site optimisation is concentrated on conversion optimisation, heading structure and meta tags optimisation, and website copywriting. This guarantees that your website is optimised for the Google search engine and offers a top-notch user experience that fosters recurring, satisfied customers.

Content Optimisation

Content optimisation is necessary for SEO to be effective. At Newnormz, we ensure that your content is not only high quality and pertinent but also beneficial to your intended audience. To increase readability and search engine visibility, you must ensure that your blog entries have natural keyword placements and optimise your headers and alt text for images.

Off-Page Enhancement

We build consistent local citations across reliable directories and optimise your Google Business Profile (GBP) with correct information that aligns with your website information across all platforms. These tactics raise your Johor Bahru business’s SEO rankings by increasing not just your online exposure but also your local clients’ trust and trustworthiness.

SEO Monthly Reports

As reputable SEO consultants in Johor Bahru, we know that open communication is essential to building trust between clients and agencies. We thus commit to thorough and consistent reporting. Utilise our guidance and expertise to inform future tactics, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition and grow your business.

Clients Who Are Satisfied With Our SEO Services in Malaysia

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Oriental Kopi
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The Travelling Duck
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Aeon Fantasy
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Shen Zhi SzShen Zhi Sz
02:34 02 Apr 24
I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Newnormz team for their outstanding work in getting our company's website up and running smoothly. Their after-sales service is exceptional! The team is highly efficient, proactive, and incredibly easy to communicate with, even for someone like me who is not from an IT background. I highly recommend Newnormz to any business in need of top-notch digital marketing services. Thank you!
Chooi Fei LokChooi Fei Lok
08:09 29 Mar 24
Thank you for the nice website. Highly recommended!
07:02 29 Mar 24
The reply was quick and understood what I wanted, which was great.
Ashraf Farid HarisAshraf Farid Haris
05:31 29 Mar 24
The moment Faiz walked in to a meeting in our fancy office wearing a hoodie, I knew this was the only developer I'd ever need.
Patrick WeePatrick Wee
05:03 29 Mar 24
Professional execution!
Chloe HoChloe Ho
06:38 28 Feb 24
Thanks to Newnormz team, their team's expertise in digital marketing strategies and execution has significantly boosted our online presence!Their commitment to providing exceptional customer service has made the entire process seamless and enjoyable too.Highly recommend Newnormz to any business looking for Digital marketing services.
Zufayri AzmiZufayri Azmi
10:03 29 Jan 24
Very helpful and fast response in managing my website. Recommended!
Awesome pros!
Been working with the team for the past 6 month. Awesoke pros!
Wai Yap WongWai Yap Wong
07:21 18 Jan 24
A very reliable provider. Able to attend to you in very short period even during weekends and off days. Thumbs up for them
Gabriella WhiteGabriella White
05:37 18 Jan 24
Huge thanks to the Newnormz team for helping us get our website up and running. They were super proactive with any requests/changes needed and communication from them was always clear and concise. Highly recommend their services.
Pro Venus Event InfoPro Venus Event Info
07:16 26 Jun 23
Highly recommend the Newnormz agency. Effective SEO, got a lot of enquiries after using this agency. It deserves 5 stars for its service. Efficient service and able to deliver what was discussed.
Supreme EurekaSupreme Eureka
02:23 09 Jun 23
I recently had the pleasure of working with Newnormz, and I must say that their services exceeded my expectations in every way. From start to finish, they demonstrated a level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication that truly set them apart.First and foremost, their team's knowledge and expertise in digital marketing were remarkable. They took the time to thoroughly understand my business goals and target audience, allowing them to develop a tailored strategy that yielded exceptional results. Their insights and recommendations were invaluable in optimizing my online presence.The communication and responsiveness from Johnson and Brian were outstanding. They kept me informed every step of the way, promptly addressing any questions or concerns I had.Their team was readily available, providing timely updates on campaign progress, analytics, and performance metrics. It was evident that they valued open and transparent communication, making me feel like a valued partner rather than just a client.I was particularly impressed with the creativity and innovation displayed in their campaigns. Their ability to think outside the box and devise unique strategies truly made a difference. Their team constantly brainstormed fresh ideas, ensuring that our marketing efforts remained dynamic and engaging. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality work was evident in every aspect of our collaboration.Moreover, the results achieved were remarkable. Thanks to Newnormz, my online visibility significantly increased, leading to a substantial boost in website traffic and conversions. Their expertise in search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content creation delivered measurable and tangible outcomes. The return on investment I witnessed was far beyond what I had anticipated.Lastly, I cannot emphasize enough the positive and supportive experience I had working with their team. They fostered a collaborative environment, where my input and feedback were genuinely valued. They not only listened to my ideas but also provided expert guidance and recommendations based on their industry knowledge. It truly felt like a partnership where we worked together towards achieving our shared goals.
Nadia AhmadNadia Ahmad
06:41 26 May 23
If you need a reliable and effective digital marketing partner, I highly recommend Newnormz Agency 👍🏼 Their team knows their stuff, acts professionally, and works hard to help their clients succeed. They've helped me get more people to visit my website, improve how my site shows up on search engines, and get more leads for my business. I've been dealing with Newnormz Agency for a year now, and I'm really happy with what they do.
SK GanSK Gan
03:17 26 May 23
I highly recommend Newnormz Agency for their exceptional SEO services. Their expertise and dedication have significantly improved my website's search engine rankings and organic traffic. The results speak for themselves, with a noticeable increase in leads and conversions. Newnormz Agency excels in communication, keeping me informed and engaged throughout the process. Their professionalism and exceptional customer service make them a pleasure to work with. If you're looking for a top-notch SEO agency that delivers impressive results, look no further than Newnormz Agency. They have exceeded my expectations and deserve my highest recommendation.
Brian LohBrian Loh
00:43 22 May 23
Did my internship here for web designing. Learnt a lot on SEO and other web stuffs. Really recommend any upcoming intern to try and intern in this company~
Aiman ZuhairiAiman Zuhairi
16:12 21 May 23
Have been part of Newnormz team for the past few months, what I can say is the team is full of talented and motivated people. If you are planning to boost your business revenue, improve your website traffic and produce more quality leads, then Newnormz is the right partner too help fulfill all your needs!
zulfiqar zulkernainzulfiqar zulkernain
07:01 19 May 23
I have been working with Newnormz Agency for the past year and I couldn't be happier with their services. Their team is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to helping their clients succeed. They have helped me increase my website traffic, improve my search engine rankings, and generate more leads for my business. I appreciate their transparency and willingness to work with me to achieve my goals. Overall, I highly recommend Newnormz Agency to anyone looking for a reliable and effective digital marketing partner.
Joann AmalaaJoann Amalaa
05:51 19 May 23
Highly recommend Newnormz Agency for their reliable and effective digital marketing services. Their knowledgeable and professional team has helped increase website traffic, improve search engine rankings, and generate more leads. They are transparent and dedicated to helping clients succeed.
suloshna gunasegersuloshna gunaseger
09:09 16 May 23
I've been working with Newnormz Agency for a year, and I'm thrilled with their professional expertise and commitment to my success. They've boosted my website traffic, improved my search rankings, and generated valuable leads. Their honesty and dedication to helping me achieve my goals make them an exceptional digital marketing partner. I highly recommend Newnormz Agency to anyone in need of a reliable and effective marketing ally.

Case Studies

Hair Depot

Transforming Online Presence

Despite a decade in the industry, HAIRDEPOT struggled to surface in search results, especially in the fiercely competitive e-commerce hair products sector.

Milestone Achieved:
Notably, we've successfully propelled HAIRDEPOT to outrank other remarkable hair product shops in Malaysia, marking substantial growth year by year.


Increased in Keywords


Keywords on Page #1

6 Months

Results Delivered
Hair Depot
My Lovely Baby

The Proof of SEO Resilience

A prominent baby shop with both online and offline presence, faced a classic SEO challenge when their website was upgraded, resulting in a URL change. Traffic Drop!

Milestone Achieved:
The optimisation efforts, coupled with a meticulous site audit, led to a steady revival of traffic. My Lovely Baby regained lost clicks and began attracting new visitors to their upgraded website.


Traffic Recovered


Keywords on Page #1

9 Months

Results Delivered
My Lovely Baby

Showcases the offerings of CHAGEE

CHAGEE, a modern instant tea brand formerly known as Bawangchaji, is experiencing a substantial drop in SEO organic traffic after rebranding.

Milestone Achieved:
Our team successfully secured top rankings for all CHAGEE related keywords on Google's first page within just three months. Also allowed us to capture a significant market share for all tea-related search terms.


Increased in Keywords


Keywords on Page #1

5 Months

Results Delivered

Zero to a Leading Provider

Washla, a new entrant in the market, struggles with zero website traffic, making Google rankings challenging.

Milestone Achieved:
From 0 to 413K Impression within 1 Year, and Generate steadily average 40 Clicks per day, as compared to previously there’s no click at all!


Traffic Growth


Keywords on Page #1

8 Months

Results Delivered
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