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Newnormz is your trusted SEO agency partner, known for our consistent delivery of measurable and impactful results in organic search rankings.

Do You Want Your Website Ranking To Look Like This?

Your website is useless if no one sees it. Our SEO consultant embeds structured data into your website to help the Google search engine better understand the content and context of your webpage, which can contribute to more accurate indexing and ranking in search results. 

These structured data (schema) markups can enhance the way your website content appears in search engine results pages (SERPs) through rich snippets, knowledge panels, and other enhanced features. This can lead to improved visibility, higher click-through rates, and a better user experience.

Our Case Studies

Hair Depot

Transforming Online Presence

Despite a decade in the industry, HAIRDEPOT struggled to surface in search results, especially in the fiercely competitive e-commerce hair products sector.

Milestone Achieved:
Notably, we've successfully propelled HAIRDEPOT to outrank other remarkable hair product shops in Malaysia, marking substantial growth year by year.


Increased in Keywords


Keywords on Page #1

6 Months

Results Delivered
Hair Depot
My Lovely Baby

The Proof of SEO Resilience

A prominent baby shop with both online and offline presence, faced a classic SEO challenge when their website was upgraded, resulting in a URL change. Traffic Drop!

Milestone Achieved:
The optimisation efforts, coupled with a meticulous site audit, led to a steady revival of traffic. My Lovely Baby regained lost clicks and began attracting new visitors to their upgraded website.


Traffic Recovered


Keywords on Page #1

9 Months

Results Delivered
My Lovely Baby

Showcases the offerings of CHAGEE

CHAGEE, a modern instant tea brand formerly known as Bawangchaji, is experiencing a substantial drop in SEO organic traffic after rebranding.

Milestone Achieved:
Our team successfully secured top rankings for all CHAGEE related keywords on Google's first page within just three months. Also allowed us to capture a significant market share for all tea-related search terms.


Increased in Keywords


Keywords on Page #1

5 Months

Results Delivered

Zero to a Leading Provider

Washla, a new entrant in the market, struggles with zero website traffic, making Google rankings challenging.

Milestone Achieved:
From 0 to 413K Impression within 1 Year, and Generate steadily average 40 Clicks per day, as compared to previously there’s no click at all!


Traffic Growth


Keywords on Page #1

8 Months

Results Delivered
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Our comprehensive local SEO agency campaign approach uses effective quick-win strategies that significantly impact user experience, search engine visibility, and overall website performance.

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At Newnormz, transparency, integrity, and delivering results are our top priorities. Our SEO consultants guarantee fulfilment of their commitments, ensuring you're always informed of your project's progress without any uncertainty.

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Below are the SEO marketing strategies our experts have identified as most effective for driving aggressive SEO growth campaigns.

Affordable SEO Services for Retail, FMCG & Manufacturing

In today's competitive digital market, businesses need cost-effective solutions to enhance their online presence and attract potential customers. Our agency offers affordable SEO services for businesses, providing strategic local SEO services to boost their website visibility and drive targeted traffic. 

With our expertise as the best SEO company for businesses, businesses can achieve significant results without breaking the bank. We also offer other digital marketing services like web design and development, email marketing, and Google Ads.

Competitive SEO Package Price in Malaysia

Our SEO price in Malaysia is affordable, starting at RM2,200 for a standard package, yet our solutions are tailored to your business needs, ensuring you achieve higher search engine rankings and increased online visibility without breaking the bank. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Why isn’t my website ranking on Google?
If your website isn't showing up in search results, it might be because your website's SEO is weak. Good SEO is important because it makes your website more visible, drives traffic, and leads to more customers. Our team has a proven track record of successful SEO strategies to help your website rank higher in search results.
2What is the difference between on-page and off-page SEO?
On-page SEO refers to optimising individual web pages by making changes such as adding relevant keywords, fixing metadata, and ensuring that alt tags are present on images. Meanwhile, Off-page SEO, which is also known as backlinking, is a crucial component of a successful SEO strategy.
3How can I make my website more relevant?
Fine-tuning various elements of your website, such as titles, meta descriptions, images, and content, with a search engine optimisation strategy is a reliable way to enhance your website's relevance and improve its ranking on Google.
4What is link building?
Link building is important in an SEO strategy in driving organic traffic through search engines. Link building involves obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own. It is key to link to relevant web pages internally and externally to and from your website. Search engines use these links to crawl the web.
5Do I really need SEO?
In short, having a good SEO strategy is necessary for any website that wants to rank well on Google. Simply installing Yoast is not enough; a comprehensive approach that includes off-page, on-page, and technical strategy is required to achieve the highest possible ranking.
6How can I create SEO-friendly content?
To create SEO-friendly content, it is important to prioritise writing for people rather than just search engines. Keep in mind relevant keywords and conduct thorough research before beginning the content creation process.
7Why should I optimise for the Google search engine?
  • High Market Share
  • Google is the most popular search engine globally, holding 92.08% of the market share. This dominance means that optimising for Google can substantially impact your online presence.
  • User Behaviour
  • Tailoring your content for Google can boost your website's visibility in search results, particularly when users are actively looking for information relevant to your industry using search engines.
  • Organic Traffic
  • SEO aids in driving organic (unpaid) visitors to your site. A higher search ranking for pertinent keywords increases the likelihood of drawing genuinely interested users. Organic traffic is valuable due to its higher conversion rates than other traffic sources.
  • Credibility and Trust
  • Websites that rank higher in search results are often perceived as more credible and trustworthy by users. Users tend to associate higher rankings with higher quality and relevance, positively impacting their perception of your brand or content.
  • Cost-Effective
  • While SEO efforts might require an initial investment of time and resources, they can yield long-term benefits. Unlike paid advertising, where you must continually spend money to maintain visibility, a well-optimized website can continue attracting organic traffic without ongoing costs.
  • User Experience
  • Google's algorithm takes user experience into account when ranking websites. As a result, SEO often involves optimising various aspects of your website, such as page load times, mobile responsiveness, and user-friendly navigation. These optimisations not only improve your search rankings but also enhance the overall user experience.
  • Competitive Advantage
  • If your competitors are investing in SEO and you're not, you could be missing out on potential customers or clients. Optimising for Google allows you to stay competitive within your industry or niche.
  • Local Search
  • Google offers features like Google Business Profile (GBP), which is particularly important for local businesses. Optimising for local search can help you attract customers specifically looking for businesses or services in your geographical area and boost your local signal.
  • Algorithm Updates
  • Google continually updates its search algorithm to provide better search results to users. Staying current with SEO best practices and adapting to algorithmic changes can help you maintain or improve your rankings over time.

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