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Essential Whatsapp Statistics Worth Noting

10.5 Million

Total active WhatsApp user in Malaysia & it is growing non-stop every day.

90 Percent

Average open rate of message.

35 Mins

Average amount of time spend on WhatsApp per day.

World Number 1

Ranking of messaging app based on number of monthly active users.

How Whatsapp Marketing Helps Your Business?


Need more business & exposure ?

We have consultants and strategic partners with expertise in all areas of marketing content production including graphic design, copywriting, radio advertisement, video commercial and web developer to send to your target audience.

Need update existing customers for repeating sales?

We design and developed a software / system let you to manage your campaign by yourself with your own database.

Analyse the effectiveness of campaign

Track in-depth every campaign. You can analyze which wordings and visual that can generate more leads and engagement from your target audience.

WhatsApp vs SMS

Features WhatsApp SMS
Text Limit UNLIMITED Max 160 characters
Send Image
User Daily Spend 35 MINS Below 5 mins
Profile Picture

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The Best Questions & Our Favorite Answers

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1Will whatsapp and SMS marketing be helpful to all businesses?
WhatsApp marketing is helpful to all businesses irrespective of what sector they are into. It is a proven way to reach mass audience in the cost effective way.
2How often should I promote my campaigns?
Delivery of campaigns depends on the transaction nature what your business process. Timings can vary based on the company service and product offered to your target audience.
3Will this budget friendly?
Absolutely. SMS and WhatsApp marketing is one of the cheapest way to reach your audience at an economical package which is offered by us. Contact us to get the actual quantity where you want to target customers.
4Will I come to know about success of campaign?
- High open rate
- Cost effective
- Wide coverage
- Better engagement
- Complete Insights
There are many metrics where you can evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign. It is easy to track where you received a response and where you got the conversions from which campaign.

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