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What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp is a free mobile app that enables you to instantly exchange messages with your contacts over the internet. It has gained significant importance in the realm of digital marketing due to its direct and personal nature, allowing businesses to establish one-to-one connections with their audience.

As a result, businesses are increasingly turning to WhatsApp marketing, a dynamic approach that capitalises on the popularity and reach of the WhatsApp messaging platform for brand promotion and customer engagement.

Essential Whatsapp Statistics Worth Noting

10.5 Million

Total active WhatsApp user in Malaysia & it is growing non-stop every day.

90 Percent

Average open rate of message.

35 Mins

Average amount of time spend on WhatsApp per day.

World Number 1

Ranking of messaging app based on number of monthly active users.

How Whatsapp Marketing Helps Your Business?


Expert Consultants and Strategic Partners

We have a team of expert consultants and strategic partners who are proficient in various aspects of content production for marketing. This encompasses graphic design, copywriting, video production, and web development, all aimed at reaching your target audience.

Your Own Software Database to Manage Campaign

We have designed and developed a WhatsApp marketing software tool or system that enables you to independently manage your campaigns using your own database. You can use it to keep your existing customers informed about promotions and sales.

In-Depth Campaign Tracking

You can analyse which wordings and visuals generate more leads and engagement from your target audience for future optimisations.

WhatsApp vs SMS




Text Limit


Max 160 characters

Users Average Daily Time Spent

35 minutes

Below 5 minutes

Messaging Feature Support

Text and multimedia (images, videos, voice notes, and files)

Text only


End-to-end encryption

Two-step verification

Automatic backups

Lack of encryption

Profile Customisation

Allow users to add bio, profile picture, and update status to boost credibility


Unsend Messages


Broadcast Messages Cost

Free up to 256 recipients

Charged per message sent

Group Conversations

Up to 256 members

Up to 10 people


Real-time, supports one-on-one conversation and dynamic interaction 

Limited, one-way communication


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The Best Questions & Our Favorite Answers

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1Will WhatsApp and SMS marketing be helpful to all businesses?
WhatsApp marketing is helpful to all businesses irrespective of what sector they are into. It is a proven way to reach mass audience in the cost effective way.
2How often should I promote my campaigns?
Delivery of campaigns depends on the transaction nature what your business process. Timings can vary based on the company service and product offered to your target audience.
3 Will the WhatsApp and SMS marketing be budget friendly?
Absolutely. SMS and WhatsApp marketing are among the most cost-effective methods to connect with your audience, available in a budget-friendly package provided by us. Contact our WhatsApp marketing agency for a quotation tailored to your target audience size.
4How do I measure the success of my campaign?
Some of the metrics for gauging your campaign's success for WhatsApp blast in Malaysia include: a high open rate cost-effectiveness wide coverage better engagement
5Why do so many businesses use WhatsApp for marketing in Malaysia?
WhatsApp Business streamlines customer interactions for brand communication through tools for automation, categorisation, and prompt message handling. This, along with the ability to send personalised messages, enhances the customer experience. Furthermore, WhatsApp Business enables businesses to engage with customers, establish relationships, and nurture customer loyalty. They also have access to the analytics tools to make informed business decisions and target the right audience.

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