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Why Google Ads Are Essential For Your Business? To Reassure You Of Your Choice...

50% of consumers landing on an ecommerce website via PPC ad campaigns have a higher chance of purchasing products.

1/3 of users click on a Google search ad because they directly answer their queries.

Search ads boost brand awareness up to 80%.

The average click-through rate (CTR) is 7.94% for an ad in the first position of SERPs.

Typically, 49% of users click on Google’s text ads, 31% on Shopping ads and 16% on Video ads.

What do We Provide in Our
Google Ads Services?


Assign An Advertising Specialist To Your Account

We conduct extensive research on thousands of keywords as well as evaluate search traffic, competition, and associated costs to identify the best keywords for your advertising campaign. This ensures you invest in the most cost-effective keywords, avoid wasting your ads budget on unqualified traffic and leads.


Identify Keyword Opportunities For Your Business

We will do thorough research on thousands of keywords, measure search traffic, competition, and costs associated to select the best keywords for your advertising campaign. All that, so you only invest in the most cost-effective keywords, and not waste on unqualified traffic and leads.

Analyze Competition

Analyse Competition

We keep an eye on your competitors and closely evaluate what they are doing in the search engines. By identifying their advertising efforts’ strengths and weaknesses, we can develop a smarter approach for your campaign and ad copies.

Increasing Overall Awareness

Ad Creation

For every ads, we develop effective search engine ads - using the best keywords in headlines, ad copy, ad groups, and target the ads at specific keywords. We also perform A/B testing for the ads to identify high-performing ads.

Mixed-media testing

Monitor Your Ads & Optimise

We keep track and identify low-performing areas of your ad campaigns daily. We will detect immediately and pause low-performing ads if the results begin to decline. To keep the results coming in, we would launch new ads too.

Reporting & Communication

Reporting & Communication

We assess how your paid search advertisements are performing and prepare monthly reports to review together. Besides, we install conversion tracking on your ads to keep us informed about the amount of generated conversions.


Like Many Google Ads Agencies in Malaysia, We also Offer a List Of Services.

  • Bidding Strategy Variety

  • Conversion Intent Grouping

  • Conversion Quality Improving

  • Copy Testing In Ads

  • Custom YouTube Audiences

  • Display Ads Opportunities

  • Efficient Shopping Ads Campaigns

  • Geographic Bid Adjustments

  • Keyword Tapering

  • Negative Keyword Additions

  • New Creative Ad Launches

  • New Google Ad Betas

  • New Keyword Expansions

  • Offline Conversion Tracking

  • Remarketing List For Search Ads

  • Retargeting Improvements

  • Sales Level Tracking

  • Single Keyword Ad Groups

  • Tailored Dashboard Reporting

  • Time Based Split Testing


    But, What Sets Us Apart?

    We acknowledge that the Google Ads services we offer hold little significance unless they yield favorable results for you.


    We understand your perspective. You're in search of a collaborator who can truly understand your needs – someone who aligns with your business goals and aspirations, and possesses the expertise to effectively translate your ideas and visions into reality.

    Our objective is precisely that. We're enthusiastic about establishing a connection with you, to gain insight into your uniqueness, and thereby provide tailored recommendations that best address your advertising needs.

    Implement effective PPC strategies to generate website traffic and convert leads now.

    What frustrates you the most?

    Is it when your expectations fail to align with reality? Or when you're disappointed by a low ROI despite investing significant time and money?

    Fret not! We’d be happy to connect with you and exchange viable ad strategies. Together, we establish a goal and essential outcomes to attain through Google Ads Malaysia.

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    Shen Zhi SzShen Zhi Sz
    02:34 02 Apr 24
    I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Newnormz team for their outstanding work in getting our company's website up and running smoothly. Their after-sales service is exceptional! The team is highly efficient, proactive, and incredibly easy to communicate with, even for someone like me who is not from an IT background. I highly recommend Newnormz to any business in need of top-notch digital marketing services. Thank you!
    Chooi Fei LokChooi Fei Lok
    08:09 29 Mar 24
    Thank you for the nice website. Highly recommended!
    07:02 29 Mar 24
    The reply was quick and understood what I wanted, which was great.
    Ashraf Farid HarisAshraf Farid Haris
    05:31 29 Mar 24
    The moment Faiz walked in to a meeting in our fancy office wearing a hoodie, I knew this was the only developer I'd ever need.
    Patrick WeePatrick Wee
    05:03 29 Mar 24
    Professional execution!
    Chloe HoChloe Ho
    06:38 28 Feb 24
    Thanks to Newnormz team, their team's expertise in digital marketing strategies and execution has significantly boosted our online presence!Their commitment to providing exceptional customer service has made the entire process seamless and enjoyable too.Highly recommend Newnormz to any business looking for Digital marketing services.
    Zufayri AzmiZufayri Azmi
    10:03 29 Jan 24
    Very helpful and fast response in managing my website. Recommended!
    Awesome pros!
    Been working with the team for the past 6 month. Awesoke pros!
    Wai Yap WongWai Yap Wong
    07:21 18 Jan 24
    A very reliable provider. Able to attend to you in very short period even during weekends and off days. Thumbs up for them
    Gabriella WhiteGabriella White
    05:37 18 Jan 24
    Huge thanks to the Newnormz team for helping us get our website up and running. They were super proactive with any requests/changes needed and communication from them was always clear and concise. Highly recommend their services.
    Pro Venus Event InfoPro Venus Event Info
    07:16 26 Jun 23
    Highly recommend the Newnormz agency. Effective SEO, got a lot of enquiries after using this agency. It deserves 5 stars for its service. Efficient service and able to deliver what was discussed.
    Supreme EurekaSupreme Eureka
    02:23 09 Jun 23
    I recently had the pleasure of working with Newnormz, and I must say that their services exceeded my expectations in every way. From start to finish, they demonstrated a level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication that truly set them apart.First and foremost, their team's knowledge and expertise in digital marketing were remarkable. They took the time to thoroughly understand my business goals and target audience, allowing them to develop a tailored strategy that yielded exceptional results. Their insights and recommendations were invaluable in optimizing my online presence.The communication and responsiveness from Johnson and Brian were outstanding. They kept me informed every step of the way, promptly addressing any questions or concerns I had.Their team was readily available, providing timely updates on campaign progress, analytics, and performance metrics. It was evident that they valued open and transparent communication, making me feel like a valued partner rather than just a client.I was particularly impressed with the creativity and innovation displayed in their campaigns. Their ability to think outside the box and devise unique strategies truly made a difference. Their team constantly brainstormed fresh ideas, ensuring that our marketing efforts remained dynamic and engaging. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality work was evident in every aspect of our collaboration.Moreover, the results achieved were remarkable. Thanks to Newnormz, my online visibility significantly increased, leading to a substantial boost in website traffic and conversions. Their expertise in search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content creation delivered measurable and tangible outcomes. The return on investment I witnessed was far beyond what I had anticipated.Lastly, I cannot emphasize enough the positive and supportive experience I had working with their team. They fostered a collaborative environment, where my input and feedback were genuinely valued. They not only listened to my ideas but also provided expert guidance and recommendations based on their industry knowledge. It truly felt like a partnership where we worked together towards achieving our shared goals.
    Nadia AhmadNadia Ahmad
    06:41 26 May 23
    If you need a reliable and effective digital marketing partner, I highly recommend Newnormz Agency 👍🏼 Their team knows their stuff, acts professionally, and works hard to help their clients succeed. They've helped me get more people to visit my website, improve how my site shows up on search engines, and get more leads for my business. I've been dealing with Newnormz Agency for a year now, and I'm really happy with what they do.
    SK GanSK Gan
    03:17 26 May 23
    I highly recommend Newnormz Agency for their exceptional SEO services. Their expertise and dedication have significantly improved my website's search engine rankings and organic traffic. The results speak for themselves, with a noticeable increase in leads and conversions. Newnormz Agency excels in communication, keeping me informed and engaged throughout the process. Their professionalism and exceptional customer service make them a pleasure to work with. If you're looking for a top-notch SEO agency that delivers impressive results, look no further than Newnormz Agency. They have exceeded my expectations and deserve my highest recommendation.
    Brian LohBrian Loh
    00:43 22 May 23
    Did my internship here for web designing. Learnt a lot on SEO and other web stuffs. Really recommend any upcoming intern to try and intern in this company~
    Aiman ZuhairiAiman Zuhairi
    16:12 21 May 23
    Have been part of Newnormz team for the past few months, what I can say is the team is full of talented and motivated people. If you are planning to boost your business revenue, improve your website traffic and produce more quality leads, then Newnormz is the right partner too help fulfill all your needs!
    zulfiqar zulkernainzulfiqar zulkernain
    07:01 19 May 23
    I have been working with Newnormz Agency for the past year and I couldn't be happier with their services. Their team is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to helping their clients succeed. They have helped me increase my website traffic, improve my search engine rankings, and generate more leads for my business. I appreciate their transparency and willingness to work with me to achieve my goals. Overall, I highly recommend Newnormz Agency to anyone looking for a reliable and effective digital marketing partner.
    Joann AmalaaJoann Amalaa
    05:51 19 May 23
    Highly recommend Newnormz Agency for their reliable and effective digital marketing services. Their knowledgeable and professional team has helped increase website traffic, improve search engine rankings, and generate more leads. They are transparent and dedicated to helping clients succeed.
    suloshna gunasegersuloshna gunaseger
    09:09 16 May 23
    I've been working with Newnormz Agency for a year, and I'm thrilled with their professional expertise and commitment to my success. They've boosted my website traffic, improved my search rankings, and generated valuable leads. Their honesty and dedication to helping me achieve my goals make them an exceptional digital marketing partner. I highly recommend Newnormz Agency to anyone in need of a reliable and effective marketing ally.

    You Asked Us!

    1What are Google Ads?

    Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads functions as an online advertising solution, enabling businesses to promote their products and services across Google search engine, YouTube, and other websites affiliated with Google AdSense.

    Within Google Ads, advertisers have the flexibility to define their campaign objectives, tailor advertising budgets, and refine their target audience by parameters such as keywords, location, age, frequency, time, devices, and language.

    Advertisers can pay for specific keywords to exhibit targeted advertisements, product listings, service offerings, and clickable links leading to product pages. This platform also grants users the ability to initiate or terminate their ads at their convenience.

    2How do Google Ads work?

    Google Ads will showcase your advertisements when individuals search for keywords associated with your offered products and services. Google's algorithm aids in presenting your ads to potential customers actively seeking these offerings.

    To initiate the process:

    (a) Set up a Google Ads Account.

    (b) Initiate your campaign by defining your objectives, such as boosting brand visibility (impressions), increasing website traffic, or generating more sales leads.

    (c) Specify your target region, whether by cities, states, or countries.

    (d) Develop your ads and establish your daily or monthly budget limit.

    (e) Once Google approves your ads, they will appear whenever users search for relevant products or services. You'll only incur charges when users click on your ad.
    3Are Google Ads expensive?
    Google Ads is a great alternative to conventional marketing channels owing to its economical nature. Its appeal to marketers stems from its adaptability, making it a highly favoured tool among industry experts.
    4How much does a Google Ad cost?
    The Google Ad price in Malaysia is generally based on the budget you have, with charges incurred solely when audiences interact with your ad—like clicking to access your website or initiating a call to your business.

    There's no obligatory minimum spending or contract duration with Google Ads; you retain the flexibility to commence or conclude your ad campaign at your convenience. Our Google Ads services experts will aid in determining the daily budget based on your advertising allocation.
    5What are the different types of Google Ads?
    Search Network Campaign: These ads are typically text-based and appear on Google SERPs when users input specific "keyword" while searching for products or services.

    Display Network Campaigns: Presented in image or gif format, these ads appear on apps or websites visited by the audience.

    Video Ad Campaigns: Comprising of 5 or 15-second videos, these ads emerge before or during YouTube content, engaging viewers.

    Shopping Ads Campaign: These ads offer comprehensive product details such as store names, prices, and product images—ideal for e-commerce platforms.

    App Campaign: Geared towards app promotion, these ads stimulate increased app downloads or installations. Google Ads disseminates your app across Google Search, Google Display, Google Play, and YouTube.
    6Do I need Google Ads?
    Absolutely! Google, the largest global search engine, empowers brands with unparalleled reach through Google Ads, surpassing the reach achievable via social media platforms.
    7What is PPC?
    Pay-per-click (PPC) is an online marketing approach where advertisers are charged for every click on their ads. This strategy involves purchasing website visits rather than relying solely on organic traffic. One prominent form of PPC is search engine advertising, where advertisers compete for ad placement in sponsored links displayed when users search for keywords relevant to their products or services.

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