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NewNormz is a copywriting and content marketing agency in Malaysia with an established presence in KL and Selangor.

At the core of our copywriting and content marketing services is our utmost priority: crafting compelling stories that deeply resonate with your target audience, whether it's website copywriting, blog article content writing or social media content creation. Through meticulous analysis of the strategies employed by your online competitors, we are well-prepared to engineer a strategy that surpasses your competition.

Through the strategic utilisation of our content marketing services, we aim to propel your business towards exponential growth by fostering a substantial online presence and driving meaningful engagement with your audience. 

Unveil your expertise, define your brand, and connect with your online audience through us!


Our Content Marketing Approach

Why Engage With Our Content Marketing or Copywriting Agency Services?

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  • SEO-Optimised Content

    Our content is meticulously crafted with SEO optimisation in mind, ensuring your brand shines brightly in online searches and gains a competitive edge.

  • Attract Quality Leads

    Through diligent keyword research, competitor analysis, and a deep understanding of your brand, products, or services, our content marketing team attracts valuable leads. This ensures that your brand resonates with individuals who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

  • Generate Website Traffic

    Our objective extends beyond crafting captivating content; we diligently uphold its superior quality to bolster rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs). As your ranking improves, expect a surge in website traffic. Embrace an elevated online presence and meaningful interactions.

  • Foster Strong Brand Loyalty

    Our dedicated content marketing team works diligently to create content that resonates deeply with your audience, cultivating a strong sense of brand loyalty. You’ll get to engage customers on a meaningful level, fostering lasting connections that go beyond transactions.

  • Enhance Brand Credibility

    Your brand's credibility gets significantly boosted through well-researched, authoritative content from us. We’ll present your brand as an industry leader, earning the trust and respect of your audience.

  • Trilingual Professional Content

    Our content marketing team delivers proficient content in English, Chinese, and Malay. Dedicated copywriters proficient in each language will work closely with our digital marketing consultants to craft content for landing pages, brand narratives, website content, listicles, social media marketing, and ad copy. Experience seamless communication in diverse languages tailored to your target audience.

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See What Clients Say About Our Content Marketing

  • “Previously, we used to spend numerous hours attempting to keep pace with Google's ever-evolving algorithm and the latest prospects it presented. However, thanks to Newnormz, my team can now direct their attention towards providing quality care to the incoming enquiries.” 
    Joseph Lim
    My Lovely Baby
  • “With Google's search engines becoming more intelligent, it's crucial not to underestimate the significance of high-quality content and semantically related terms. Newnormz's team and tools provide an excellent solution for guaranteeing that your content is relevant, easy to read, and comprehensive enough to stand out in search engine results pages (SERPs). You will be amazed by the prompt improvements they can make to your website's SEO.”
    Jeff Yong
  • "We had a great experience working with this website design agency. Their team was knowledgeable, responsive, and delivered a website that exceeded our expectations. They were able to take our vision and turn it into a beautiful, functional website that has received many compliments from our clients. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for high-quality website design."
    AEON Fantasy
  • We were impressed with the level of creativity and expertise this website design agency brought to the table. They were able to take our ideas and turn them into a stunning website that truly reflects our brand. Their team was easy to work with, responsive, and delivered the project on time. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality website design."
    The Qing
  • "Working with this website design agency was a great experience. They provided a top-quality website design that exceeded our expectations. The team was professional, responsive, and delivered the project on time. We are extremely happy with the results and highly recommend their services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a content marketing service?
Content marketing is a marketing technique that aims to captivate, involve, and maintain an audience through the production and distribution of pertinent articles, videos, podcasts, and various media forms. The content marketing service helps you build authority, enhance brand recognition, and ensure your business remains memorable through its contents.
2What is a copywriting service?
Copywriting involves composing content for advertising and promotional materials. Copywriters offering copywriting services are tasked with generating the text for websites, ads, brochures, catalogs, and similar materials.
3What is the length of the content that you write?
The length of the content varies depending on the desired content type and posting frequency. Certain clients opt for concise content for daily updates, while others favor in-depth articles for monthly releases. Generally, blog posts should span from 500 to 1,500 words to rank well on search engine result pages (SERPs).
4What results can I expect from a content marketing plan?
We will plan your content based on your business objectives and KPIs. Generally, as your content marketing strategy matures, you can anticipate heightened brand recognition, improved search visibility, and enhanced customer retention.
5When can I expect results from my content marketing plan?
Content marketing is a long-term strategy. Treat your content as a long-term investment that continues to offer value over the years, fostering customer loyalty, generating leads, and driving sales well into the distant future.

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