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Among lifestyle and content sharing apps in Malaysia, Facebook (88.7%), Instagram (79.3%), and TikTok (53.8%) stand out as the most widely used platforms. With 28.18 million Facebook users and a growth rate of 0.97%  in January 2023, males constitute approximately 51.34%, while females make up around 48.66%. 

Spanning from building awareness to fostering engagement and culminating in successful conversions, Facebook Ads offer the means to elevate your business across each stage of your customers' journey. 

By harnessing Facebook advertisements, businesses can establish brand awareness, amplify engagement, drive conversions, foster a pipeline of potential leads, and ultimately fulfill their business goals. With the capacity to pinpoint specific audiences based on age, gender, occupation, geographic location, and preferences, these ads provide a powerful tool to promote your products or services effectively. 

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Looking for a Facebook powerhouse to cut through the noise, get real results, without breaking your bank? That's us!

With Facebook and other media platforms as our allies, we help businesses like yours to smash your revenue goals, consistently.

Why Facebook Ads Benefit Your Business? To Reassure You Of Your Choice...

Facebook has a pool of 2 billion active users.
Apart from the Big G and Big Y, Facebook is the world’s 3rd most visited website,
90 million small businesses strategically leverage Facebook to boost their marketing efforts
Facebook ad increased impressions by 33%.
Facebook users click on about 11 FB ads every month.
300 million active users spend time watching their Facebook Stories every day.

If you’ve seen similar statistics before and it bores you (which we can understand), we’ll help you go straight to the point.

With Facebook Ads, you possess a significant opportunity to position yourself in front of a vast audience. Whether it's about connecting with your target audience, capturing their attention, arousing their curiosity, influencing their purchase decisions, or fulfilling any of your business needs and revenue objectives, we’ve got you covered.

Our Recent Works

Taiwan Excellence

The Taiwan Excellence Awards, initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1993, rigorously evaluate candidates in R&D, Design, Quality, and Marketing. Recognizing innovative value in 'Made in Taiwan' products, winning entries become global ambassadors of Taiwanese ingenuity, fostering a creative image for our businesses. We are Malaysia Representative to handle their Social Media Marketing.


Born in the heart of Ipoh, Malaysia, during the mid-1900s, Chek Hup epitomizes a passion for coffee that seamlessly blends local flavors and culture with premium coffee beans. Renowned in the Chinese market, we extended our reach to the Malay market by introducing Chek Hup Sugar as the healthier choice for a sweeter life.


How Do We Maximize Your Ad Spend
With Facebook Ads?

Just to highlight a few. We help you:


Not Just Your Ordinary Facebook Ad Agency In Malaysia, We Offer A Comprehensive List Of Facebook Marketing Services.

  • Continual Competitor Research

  • Continuous ROI Gains

  • Custom Reporting Metrics

  • Direct Video Ad Targeting

  • Engagement Rate Optimization

  • Fresh Image Ads For Testing

  • Higher Quality Conversions

  • Instagram Ads

  • Installation of Tracking Pixel

  • Lookalike Audience Combo

  • Multiple Audience Classifications

  • Ongoing Bid Improvement

  • Power Editor Expertise

  • Precise Audiences

  • Precise Location-Based Ads

  • Google Shopping Ads Optimisation

  • Sponsored Likes Advancement

  • Time-based Bid Improvements

  • Unpublished Page Post Ads

  • Varied Retargeting Strategies

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    Facebook Marketing in Malaysia is our playground, not a puzzle!



    1What is Facebook marketing?
    Engaging in Facebook marketing involves brands reaching out to Facebook users and showcasing their offerings through a Facebook Page or precisely targeted ads within Facebook feeds.
    2How do Facebook ads work?
    Facebook Ads target platform users based on factors like their location, interests, demographics, and purchasing behavior, through videos or feeds. It is a budget-friendly channel to connect with potential customers, effectively conveying products or services to interested buyers.
    3How much does Facebook advertising cost in Malaysia?
    The Facebook advertising cost in Malaysia ranges from RM 2.50 to RM 9 per click. However, these costs can vary depending on the specific industry.

    Typically, the cost of social media marketing services is determined by the duration of the service and the chosen services. For startups, it is recommended that you allocate approximately RM 300 for the initial month, followed by a budget of over RM 500 from the second month onwards, particularly for targeted lead generation strategies.
    4How do I manage Facebook ads?
    You can manage your advertisements via Facebook Business Manager by visiting business.facebook.com. The tool provides a range of customisation options for your ads, including preferred audience, interests, and age groups, among other aspects.

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