Case Study: My Lovely Baby - The Proof of SEO Resilience

My Lovely Baby, a prominent baby shop with both online and offline presence, faced a classic SEO challenge when their website was upgraded, resulting in a URL change. 

Despite previously enjoying a decent amount of traffic, they were overshadowed by competitors who dominated the 'baby shop' keyword rankings, and their website had gone through a vast revamp (all URLs changed, Google index was affected). Determined to regain online visibility, My Lovely Baby sought urgent optimisation from us after experiencing a significant drop in traffic following the URL change.

Understanding the critical nature of the 'baby shop' keyword, we embarked on a strategic SEO campaign to strengthen My Lovely Baby's positioning. This involved comprehensive keyword research, on-page optimisation, and strategic content creation to secure a prominent target keyword rank.

Our SEO Optimizations

Strategic Approach 1: Strengthening Client’s Positioning

After months, we regained 52% of the target keywords ranked in the top 10 (first page of SERP).

Ranked for “Baby Store”

Ranked for “Baby Shops”

Strategic Approach 2: Full Site Audit to Identify Cause of Traffic Drop 

In response to the urgent need for optimisation, we conducted a thorough site audit to identify and rectify issues contributing to the traffic drop. Key steps taken included:

Link Functionality

Ensured all website links function optimally, correcting any broken or redirected links to eliminate disruptions in user experience and search engine crawling.

Integration Back with Previous Function

Restored and integrated essential functions from the previous version of the website to maintain a seamless user experience and facilitate a smooth transition for existing users.

Strategic Approach 3: Perform 301 Redirections to the New URLs

The primary objective of implementing 301 redirections was to preserve the SEO equity that My Lovely Baby had built over time. By redirecting the old URLs to the corresponding new ones, we ensured that the authority, relevance, and rankings associated with the previous pages were seamlessly transferred to the updated structure.

The 301 redirections signalled to search engines that the old URLs had permanently moved to new locations. This proactive communication facilitated a swift recognition of the updated website structure, allowing search engines to index the new URLs efficiently. This, in turn, expedited the process of re-establishing My Lovely Baby's visibility in search engine results.

Despite the initial challenges and setbacks caused by the URL change, My Lovely Baby experienced a notable trend reversal:

This case study demonstrated the resilience of a well-executed SEO strategy in navigating digital transformations.

Traffic Revival

The optimisation efforts, coupled with a meticulous site audit, led to a steady revival of traffic. My Lovely Baby regained lost clicks and began attracting new visitors to their upgraded website. 

Keyword Ranking

My Lovely Baby successfully secured a significant rank for the 'baby shop' keyword (short-tail), surpassing competitors and reclaiming their visibility in relevant searches.

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