Transforming from Zero to a Leading Provider of Shoe and Bag Cleaning Services in Klang Valley

Initiating a Digital Presence

In August 2022, our client embarked on a digital journey with a new website, introducing their professional shoe and bag cleaning services. Faced with the challenge of establishing an online presence from scratch, they successfully carved out a niche in the competitive market of Klang Valley.

Milestone Achieved: Growing Traffic and Downloads

To date, our client has progressed from being a digital newcomer to a prominent industry player, specifically focusing on Klang Valley. They now experience a steady influx of daily users seeking professional shoe and bag cleaning services. The app's user-friendly design has significantly increased downloads, fostering a loyal customer base.

The project focused on two primary objectives: achieving visibility through location-based keywords and enhancing user engagement through a seamless UI/UX for their mobile app.

Location-Based Keyword Rankings

Recognising the local significance, we strategically implemented location-based keywords to target the entire Klang Valley. Our client now ranks in the top 10 for key terms such as 'shoe cleaning service Petaling Jaya,' 'bag cleaning service Kuala Lumpur,' and related searches, effectively expanding their regional reach.

Optimising UI/UX for User Engagement

Acknowledging the pivotal role of user experience, we prioritised the enhancement of our client’s mobile app UI/UX. The revamped design ensures ease of navigation but also encourages users to download and utilise the app seamlessly. The user-friendly interface fosters engagement, driving higher app adoption rates.

SEO Optimisations: What We Implemented

Location-Based Keyword Strategy

Conducted extensive keyword research to identify location-specific terms and seamlessly integrated them into the website content, meta tags, and app descriptions.

UI/UX Overhaul

Collaborated with the client to revamp the app's UI/UX, ensuring a visually appealing and intuitive design that resonates with the target audience.

Content Creation

Developed informative content on the website highlighting the benefits of professional shoe and bag cleaning services, addressing user concerns, and establishing our client as a trustworthy brand.

Conversion Optimisation

Integrated clickable buttons strategically across website touchpoints, simplifying user navigation and prompting engagement with the app.

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