Transforming HAIRDEPOT's Online Presence in the Competitive E-commerce Hair Products Industry

Initial Challenges

In August 2022, our collaboration with HAIRDEPOT began, recognising the disparity between their sales performance on Shopee and their limited visibility on the Google search engine. Despite a decade in the industry, Hairdepot struggled to surface in search results, especially in the fiercely competitive e-commerce hair products sector.

Milestones Achieved

Fast-forward to the present day, HAIRDEPOT has achieved remarkable progress. Searching for 'hair products in Malaysia' now places HAIRDEPOT among the top 3 e-commerce platforms on the SERP, trailing only behind Sephora  and SHINS. Notably, we've successfully propelled HAIRDEPOT to outrank other hair product shops in Malaysia, marking substantial growth year by year.

Ranked “Hair Product Shop”

Ranked “Hair Tonic”

Client Renewal and Expansion

Encouraged by the initial success, the client renewed their contract in mid-August 2023, demonstrating their confidence in our strategies. This renewal marked the initiation of a new phase where we expanded our focus to target short-tail keywords like 'hair spray,' 'hair dryer,' and 'hair straightener.'

Keyword Ranking Success

Out of the 33 new keywords incorporated post-renewal, Hairdepot has achieved an impressive 39.3% ranking improvement in just under four months. The brand now consistently holds a spot in the top 3 positions on SERPs for key search terms.

All 33 keywords are ranked more than 100th place, we help them rank within Top 30 within 6 months time.

SEO Optimisations: What We Implemented

Thorough Keyword Research

Conducted extensive keyword research to identify strategic short-tail and long-tail keywords, shaping the foundation for our optimisation efforts.

Educational Content Creation

Crafted informative articles to educate the target market on relevant topics, establishing Hairdepot as an authority in the industry.

Brand Positioning

Defined a clear brand positioning by focusing on cluster topics, including hair loss and hair treatment, to create a targeted content strategy.

Leveraging Media Platforms

Utilised our media platform, My Weekend Plan, to feature HAIRDEPOT in our listicle articles, enhancing brand visibility and credibility.

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